Welcome members of the Paranormal Research & Development Team.

You have been recruited to the Hoffman Foundation’s Paranormal Research & Development Team. The Team’s office and staff have not been fully prepared yet, but things are pretty bad out there. As most of you already know, there has been a sharp increase in strange disappearances, paranormal phenomena, and activity by various cults over the last few years. Unfortunately, the authorities are not prepared to consider the true explanations for these events, nor are they equipped to face them.

That is where you come in. Like all of the Hoffman Foundations efforts, your team is tasked with making the world a better place for all humanity. While your efforts will never garner the same praise as our world renown philanthropic charities, know that your efforts will be appreciated by the Foundation and by the people you help.

I look forward to working with you in the future. Together, we can ensure the Earth remains a safe haven for all of us, and for the generations to come.


Michael Hoffman III
CEO, Hoffman Foundation

Hoffman Foundation, Department 7: Paranormal Research & Defense Team

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