Ninja, last of his clan



Ninja Assassin
Survivor of Demon and Cult attack
Sword and Honor
Vindicators and revenge seekers want more then just my head.


Investigation 1
Deceit 1
Burglary 1
Weapons (Superb: +5)
Stealth (Great: +4), Endurance (Great: +4)
Conviction (Good: +3), Discipline (Good: +3)
Alertness (Fair: +2), Athletics (Fair: +2), Deceit(Fair: +2)
Investigation (Average: +1), Presence (Average: +1), Burglary (Average: +1)


Only when sword is in hand. (-1 refresh)

Cloak of Shadows (+2 stealth in shadows and can see in the dark)
Supernatural Senses (Smell of Demonic Taint)


Wall of Death (Use weapon skill to make a spray attack against opponents in the zone)
Juggler (use weapon skill to defend thrown attacks and allowing to catch the item)
No Pain, No Gain (one additional mild physical consequence)
On my Toes ( +2 alertness to determine initiative)
Human Spider (reduces all climbing by up to 2)
Mighty Leap (any borders the characters chooses to clear by jumping are reduced by up to 2)

Other Info:

Physical: (1) (2) (3) (4) (Mild:2) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Mental: (1) (2) (3) (4) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Social: (1) (2) (3) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

3 refresh