Sophisticated and well-dressed man of ambiguous continental heritage.



“I am here to serve.”
[others unknown]


Bagsby’s skills are unknown, but anyone who interacts with him for any length of time picks up on the following skills:

Alertness (Great + 4), Empathy (Great + 4), Endurance (Great + 4)
Stealth (Good + 3), Investigation (Good + 3), Discipline (Good + 3)


Bagsby’s stunts are unknown, but anyone interacting with him for any length of time figures out that Bagsby must have stunts along the lines of the ones listed below (at a minimum):

  • Hide in Plain Sight (Stealth) [always considered to be moving silently & hard to notice in peripheral vision]
  • Corner of My Eye (Alertness) [add 2 shifts when picking up details]
  • Lie Detector (Empathy) [+ 2 to checks to detect lies]
  • Tireless (Endurance) [Endurance treated as Fantastic (+ 6) when Endurances modifies another skill]
  • Quick Eye (Investigation) [pick up scene details 2 time increments faster]
  • Unshakeable (Discipline) [opponents receive reduced benefit when compelling/invoking your aspects in mental & social attacks]

No one is sure whether “Bagsby” is his first or last name. Bagsby himself doesn’t help eliminate the confusions; he does not share his personal details with others. When asked, he says that the details are irrelevant and that he is there to serve. Department 7 employs Bagsby as an assistant for Myra Kim in the PRDT. If the team ever needs something, he is always available to help them, no matter the hour of the day and never with a poor attitude.