John Cain

Juggernut meets Captain America



Nephilim-Blooded Warrior
“Be All That You Can Be” means others might get hurt!
Point your finger and tell me when …
Little Brother, Big Trouble
I’m the Juggernaut Bitch


Endurance (Superb: +5)
Fists (Great: +4), Might (Great: +4)
Conviction (Good: +3), Presence (Good: +3)
Alertness (Fair: +2), Athletics (Fair: +2), Stealth (Fair: +2)
Survival (Average: +1), Empathy (Average: +1), Intimidation (Average: +1), Rapport (Average +1), Investigation (Average +1)


  • Superhuman Strength (-4) [when lifting/breaking objects, use Might +4; when grappling, use Might +2 & inflict 3-Stress when maintaining grapple; Might always adds +2 to skills it modifies; all melee attack Weapon ratings are at +4]
  • Superhuman Toughness (-4) [Armor: 2 against all pysical attacks; +4 Physical Stress]
  • Inhuman Recovery (-2) [can recover all from all physical injuries except Extreme Consequences with just rest; recover from all Consequences as if one level lower; Endurance never restricts other skills from lack of sleep & can skip one night of sleep w/o penalty; in combat, can shrug off 1 Mild physical Consequence once/encounter as a supplemental action]
  • Catch: None {it’s possible John might have some trouble breath in outter space, but since John have never been out of space, we will never know :P}.



Other Details

Physical: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (Mild:2) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)
Armor:3 [Superhuman Toughness] [Vest]

Mental: (1) (2) (3) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Social: (1) (2) (3) (4) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Wealth: (1) (2) (3) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)
Armor:2 [Foundation Assets]

Refresh: 2


[To be filled out by Jo later]


John was born as very ill boy. Most of his family line tend to have poor health. At age 11, Cain almost die by Aplastic Anemia and if wasn’t for his younger brother donated his bone marrow, Cain would never survived.

However, from age of 15 and on, John has grow into “more than normal” health. Not only he achieved MPV Hooker of the Year 2 years in the roll in national high school Rugby Leagued. He also received full scholarship to a private school that opens a door for him to professional Rugby Union after graduate. In college, Cain continue to achieve highest performance in his college Rugby Union career. By junior year, John had many pro Rugby Union team offer for his pro career.

And was on that year, John of 21st birthday, after a perfect performance John had in a major season final game. Cain was attacked by a gang of rival team supporters, Cain fought back to the gangs’ attack and cause 5 of his attackers (including one minor) serious injury. Though, John was too, got serious injured(one of kid stabbed Cain from the back multiple times than John got ran over by a truck). Yet, the next day in hospital, John had fully recover from the attack. But the image of violence aggressive and possible on performance enhance drugs became a negative remark for him.

Since the charge, sport paparazzi had been digging on John’s personal life. And a young female reporter dug out that at sophomore year, Cain’s family had accept some money from one of minor Rugby Union team scout (to bill out his brother from jail and some other trouble he caused). The news got out, and with the assault charges, John lost his scholarship and the way to his pro Rugby Union career.