Myra Kim

A middle-aged woman of mixed Korean and Anglo ancestry, with a severe, professional demeanor.



“I get the job done”
“It isn’t always fun to the be the smartest girl in school”


Contacts (Great + 4), Presence (Great + 4), Conviction (Great + 4)
Resources (Good + 3), Rapport (Good + 3), Discipline (Good + 3)
Scholarship (Fair + 2), Athletics (Fair + 2), Alertness (Fair + 2)
Fists (Average + 1), Deceit (Average + 1), Lore (Average + 1)


  • Linguist (Scholarship) [knows 8 languages total]
  • I Know Just the Guy (Contacts) [+ 1 and less 1 time increment when gathering info]
  • Teflon Persona (Presence) [Armor:1 vs social conflicts]
  • Resilient Self-Image (Conviction) [+ 2 mild mental consequences]
  • Calm Blue Ocean (Discipline) [+ 2 to Discipline checks to control emotions]

Myra Kim is Thomas Kane’s administrative assistant in charge of the Paranormal Research & Defense Team. Her job is to oversee the team, ensure the team has the resources it needs to complete its missions, and report back to Mr. Kane.

Although Ms. Kim shares Mr. Kane’s preference for efficiency, she believes strongly in the PRDT’s mission and will reluctantly cover for the team should they run afoul of Mr. Kane’s governance if necessary for the team to get its job done.