Defrocked priest turned paranormal bounty hunter



  • Paranormal Bounty Hunter
  • There’s no room for love when searching for the truth
  • No stone unturned, no matter the cost.
  • I fought the law and I won, for now…


Lore +5
Guns +4
Athletics +4
Conviction +3
Survival +3
Craftsmanship +2
Endurance +2
Investigation +2
Resources +1
Alertness +1
Might +1


Psychic Sensitivity -1
Up to 7 stunts

  • Fast Reload (No reload penalty), (Race +1 Roll)
  • Hand-Eye coordination (Throw Objects)
  • Right tool for the job (Build and repair), (+1 Damage)
  • Acrobat (1 Survive Fall), (1 Dodge Ranged)
  • Trick Shot (+2 shoot objects)
    h2. Magical
  • Dispel Invisibility


  • Shotgun
  • Crossbow
  • Various ammo and bolts
  • Bullet Proof Vest
  • Demon Proof Hat
  • Holy Water
  • Bio:

    Raised in a catholic orphanage. Deeply interested in history, catholic lore, etc.
    Became priest, secretly fell in love with parishioner that was having serious problems and I tried to help her out. In the process she dies as a result of some supernatural force. This moves me to find out more about supernatural stuff and I’m recruited by The Holy Office for the congregation of the doctrine of the faith. The emotional cars left by my experience with the girl make my attitude and motivations incompatible with this organization and we have a falling out. In the process also uncover some corruption in this office and as a result go solo working as a supernatural bounty hunter. Recently recruited by Hoffman foundation.