Raoul de la Cruz

Portly Hispanic man with a cheerful but nervous disposition.



“He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day (ok, maybe no fighting …)”
Silver Lining Behind Haunted Dreams


Lore (Great + 4), Conviction (Great + 4)
Discipline (Good + 3), Rapport (Good + 3)
Investigation (Fair + 2), Scholarship (Fair + 2)
Might (Average + 1), Stealth (Average + 1)


  • Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore) [+ 2 Lore as Alertness for supernatural]
  • Let Me Tell You s Story … (Rapport) [Use Rapport to make distraction]
  • Supreme Concentration (Discipline) [treat Discipline as Fantastic (+ 6) when Discipline modifies another skill check]

When Raoul was a teenager, he had a run-in with something he doesn’t like talking about. Although he survived the encounter, it left him extremely sensitive to forces that Hoffman Foundation scientists are still trying to quantify. No one has figured out how Raoul’s “gift” works or how he can control it, but Raoul has figured out that his sensitivity does produce something akin to visions or premonitions, particularly in his dreams.

Over the last few years, Raoul’s dream visions have proven very useful to the Hoffman Foundation in preventing tragedies around the globe (or in some cases, preventing them from being worse). Thomas Kane had Raoul transferred to the Paranormal Research & Defense Team to aid in Myra Kim in administering the team, and to hopefully give the team a valuable heads-up through his visions.