Thomas Kane



“When I say it gets done, it gets done; no questions.”
In charge of more than most people know


Rapport (Great + 4), Resources (Great + 4), Contacts (Great + 4)
Presence (Good + 3), Conviction (Good + 3), Empathy (Good + 3)
Alertness (Fair + 2), Performance (Fair + 2), Scholarship (Fair + 2)
Intimidation (Average + 1), Deceit (Average + 1), Endurance (Average + 1)


  • Leadership (Presence) [+ 1 to command & coordination is 1 step faster]
  • Best Foot Forward (Rapport) [+ 1 to make good impression; failed rolls never produce negative aspect]
  • Social Graces (Empathy) [+ 2 social initiative]
  • Read the Surface (Empathy) [read someone in 1 minute instead of 10 minutes]
  • International (Rapport) [never suffers penalties from dealing w/ foreign cultures]

Thomas Kane is the Vice-President of the Hoffman Foundation’s Department 7. As a result, he is a member of and answers directly to the Foundation’s Executive Board, headed by Michael Hoffman III.

Mr. Kane’s office is located just outside of Seattle, the location of the Hoffman Foundation’s headquarters. He has numerous assistant VPs and administrative assistants who liaise between him and the various logistic, research, and security projects under his direction. His liaison to the Paranormal Research & Defense Team is Myra Kim.

Thomas Kane is a gruff, fairly in-shape man who appears to be in his mid- to late-50s. He is efficient and a stickler for meeting objectives, especially financial objectives. He also lacks patience for agents who do not share his insistence that the Department run efficiently and meet its objectives (especially financial ones).