Hoffman Foundation, Department 7: Paranormal Research & Defense Team

Episode 2

The PRDT looks in to the Black Brotherhood: what were they up to in Kolyma? why kidnap those specific people? what will they do now that their ritual has failed?

Meanwhile, a heavily armed Hoffman Foundation security team has disappeared in the Canadian Rockies while checking out mysterious power outages. Ms. Kim wants the PRDT to check it out, and bring back any survivors.

Episode 1

The Paranormal Research & Defense Team was sent to Japan to investigate the disappearance of two families under surveillance by the Hoffman Foundation. The team arrived to find that most of the community had been evacuated due to complications at the Fukushima nuclear facility. The team investigated and discovered that the families had been abducted by Touke Clan ninjas, who turned the families over to members of the Black Brotherhood a few hours earlier.

After figuring out on which ship the Black Brotherhood was using (the “Shugoran”), the team arranged to drop Akumu aboard. Akumu searched the ship, finding the missing families as well as other kidnapped people drugged in the cargo hold. As the Shugoran approached the Russian port of Magadan, the Black Brotherhood transferred the victims to a small fishing vessel. Akumu tried to stow away on the fishing vessel, but he was discovered. Akumu managed to send one Brother overboard, but was shot multiple times and fell into the frigid Russian harbor.

The rest of the team mounted a daring rescue of Akumu from the hospital where he was taken under police guard. While there, Alkeld Aagesen (with John C.‘s’s help) probed the mind of the Brother whom Akumu had knocked overboard who was at the same hospital. After regrouping, the team realizes that the Black Brotherhood took their victims to Kolyma, a closed-down former gulag.

The made their way to Kolyma just before the Black Brotherhood could complete their plans. John S. used his tech skills to scout the facility and locate the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood seemed to be about to perform a ritual using the kidnap victims. The team ran a large truck into building as a distraction, while others attempted to get the victims to safety. Unfortunately, the ritual was too close to complete; a rift had begun to form, and from that rift some thing was reaching out. Pedro quickly figured out how to reverse the ritual while the rest of the team protected him from the Brotherhood and the unnamed horror reaching through the rift.

By dawn, the Black Brotherhood in Kolyma were dead, scattered, or captured. Many of the Brotherhood were escorted to a secret Hoffman Foundation detention facility, while the team helped the kidnap victims return to their homes.

Pre-Episode 1
Blog for Episode Summaries

The Paranormal Research & Defense Team has been recruited, but has not yet assembled or gone on a mission together. Their first mission is scheduled for April 9, 2010.

Episode 1

While the attention of the world is on Fukishima, Japanese authorities have overlooked mysterious disappearances in Northern Japan … disappearances which the Hoffman Foundation believes were committed by one of the Foundation’s oldest foes. It is up to the Paranormal Research & Defense Team to find the missing people and put an end to whatever nefarious scheme is underway before it is too late


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