Paranormal Research & Defense Team

The Hoffman Foundation secretly created its Paranormal Research & Defense Team (PRDT) to investigate and combat, if necessary, paranormal events around the world. While the Foundation’s investigation and counter-paranormal efforts are typically done by its agents already in the field, the PRDT handles those events whose nature is either too difficult for local agents or require trans-national resources to complete. The Foundation has become especially concerned by the activity of the so-called Teutonic Knights, Crimson Skorpion, and The Final Church in hoarding artifacts purportedly invested with supernatural power and in taking advantage of paranormal phenomena to further their own ends, often at the expense of bystanders.

Although the PRDT is technically a part of the Foundation’s organization, it operates with relative independence. The team answers directly to Thomas Kane, the head of the Foundation’s Department 7, who answers directly to CEO Michael Hoffman III. In reality, Mr. Kane’s representative, Myra Kim handles the team’s day-to-day administration.