Alkeld Aagesen



4/9 +1 aspect, stunt, +2 skill points


Psychic Manipulator
“Thought I was alone.”
Convert from a government agency
Enemy in the government


Psychic (Superb: +5)
Discipline (Great: +4), Contacts (Great: +4)
Stealth (Good: +3), Presence (Good: +3)
Empathy (Fair: +2), Deceit (Fair: +2), Guns (Fair: +2)
Alertness (Average: +1), Rapport (Average: +1), Scholarship (Average: +1)
Language Skills: Italian, Russian (native British English)


  • Telepathy (-1) [Can use Psychic as attack skill to read/push thoughts, or as standard skill to read/incite temporary emotions]
  • Telekinesis (-1) [Can use Psychic to move objects at a distance]
  • Psychometry (-1) [Can use Psychic in lieu of Investigate to discover information from mere contact with an object]
  • Psychic Awareness (-1) [Can use Psychic instead of Awareness to detect living minds nearby]


  • Mass Telepathy [can use Telepathy on an entire zone at -1 Shifts instead of -2]
  • Improved Telepathy [can use Telepathy on targets up to 2 zones away without penalty (although Barrier ratings still apply]
  • Psychic Assault [can use Telepathy to make attacks, inflicting mental stress as if wielding a Weapon:1]
  • Unshakeable [when defending against mental/social attacks w/ Discipline, any of your aspects tagged provide only a +1 bonus; if the enemy chooses to reroll, you may force the enemy to keep one die and reroll only the other 3]
  • Ear to the Ground [the difficulty of any Contacts checks to Get the Tip-Off is reduced by -2]

Other Info

Physical: (1) (2) (3) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Mental: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Social: (1) (2) (3) (4) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)

Wealth: (1) (2) (3) (Mild:2) (Moderate:4) (Severe:6)
Armor:2 [Foundation Assets]

Refresh: 2


[to be filled out by Sarah later]


Female from the UK. Used to work for MI6 but wanted more freedom to use abilities in relation to paranormal activities and met operatives at the Hoffman Foundation in some freelance work. Loner.