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The game’s setting is much like the real world. The player’s work for the Paranormal Research & Defense Team of the Hoffman Foundation.

Game Rules

The game uses the 3rd edition of the FATE rpg rules, a version of which were most recently published in the Dresden Files RPG . You can find similar rules online, for free, at various online SRDs for the FATE game, Spirit of the Century; you can find one such SRD here . The publishers of FATE expect to have an SRD with FATE rules which are not specific to individual games (like Dresden Files or Spirit of the Century) sometime later this year.

In our FATE-based game, all characters have 5 rules elements: Aspects, Skills, Powers, Stunts , and Equipment. In FATE, these same rules elements are used to describe everything, including non-player characters and the environment. Even our game’s setting has campaign aspects, which can be compelled and invoked like any other Aspect.

When characters need to make a check of some kind, they will roll 4 FUDGE dice and add the total to their relevant skill’s value and any applicable situational modifiers. The situational modifiers come from any Aspects (the character’s, the environment’s, the enemy’s, or the campaign setting’s aspects) which are compelled or invoked for that roll.

Each character starts off each episode with FATE Points , which players can use to compel or invoke Aspects. Usually, the character will begin the episode with FATE Points equal to the character’s Refresh, plus any left over from the previous episode (limit Refresh x2). The character’s Refresh is equal to 10 – the value of the stunts and powers the characters possesses. Characters without any powers receive a +2 bonus to their Refresh. Characters gain new FATE Points whenever the referee compels one of the character’s Aspects.